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Safety Instructions

  1. On contact with Lime

Safety is extremely important when creating or working with quicklime. Quicklime is very dangerous when reacting with humidity, water. Specific dangers including eye, skin and lung danger. On contact with lime, you must ensure that skin, eye, nose must be protected by:

  • Wearing safety glass
  • Wearing face mask
  • Wearing protective hat
  • Wearing glove
  • Wearing uniform
  • Wearing shoes

2. Lime storage

Finished lime will be packed and stored in the warehouse of the factory if not sold immediately. Depending on each lime packing, lime can remain active for 2-3 months as from date of manufacture.

It is easy for lime in wet environment to be hydrated, which leads to broken lime.

On storage, we must pay attention to:

  • Containing lime in Jumbo bag or small bag with moisture-proofing layer, the beginning of the bag must be closely fastened.
  • Warehouse must be airy, dry and well-ventilated.
  • Enhancing pallet.
  • Not stacking over 3 bags to avoid falling down, causing ragged, broken and wet lime.

3. Loading onto container and Unloading goods from containers down to warehouse of the customer.

a) Loading onto container.

When containers are put into the loading plant, the inspection team will inspect quality of container cover to ensure that containers have enough conditions for strictly packing. The crane performs the task of lowering container cover down to the floor of the Plant, the forklift truck transports 2 goods bags/pallet to move the goods into containers lightly. The process occurs one after another until 20 Jumbo baskets with full of goods are loaded into containers; the inspection team inspects the quality of Jumbo bags, pallets for the last time before closing containers’ doors.

b) Unloading goods from containers down to warehouse of the customer.

  • The way of using container crane structure to lowering the containers down to the floor, then the forklift truck draws out goods in the contains in succession of 2 Jumbo bags/pallet until  all goods are drawn out of containers. After goods are drawn out of containers, the crane continues to load empty containers onto truck and then the truck moves out of the warehouse to end the unloading process.
  • The way of using container bridge with the slope <10%. The container bridge can be built with steel or brick but we must ensure the bridge surface width of 3m, the height of bridge in accordance with the height of container 1.6m and ensure the slope of about <10%. When the container truck is in the position of unloading attached to dock leveler. On the container bridge, the forklift truck moves into container and draws 2 Jumbo/pallet out of container in succession and moves down and transports goods to storage and use places.

==> During using the forklift truck to transport goods onto container or unload goods, you should pay attention:

  • May have danger between forklift truck and people
  • Goods can fall down, bags can be ragged
  • The forklift truck can be overturned

Safety measures:

– Workers must be trained on professional safety technique of loading, unloading goods

– Controller of forklift truck must be trained in school and have vocational certificate or degree.

– The forklift truck must have enough signals: whistle, lamp. Safety devices: brake, manual brake to avoid accidents for surrounding people.

– Not lifting, transporting over loading capacity of truck

– Goods must be placed in a balanced, even position on both sides, simultaneously moving the holder behind.

– The chassis of the forklift truck is put into hole of pallet accurately; otherwise the bags will be ragged. You must pay attention to center of goods on the forklift truck, Pallet mustn’t jut out 1/3 of chassis to avoid pouring or broken pallet.

– Bags in container must be arranged closely to ensure   fixedness, not falling down, not ragged or broken.

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