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Hydrated Lime

Product name : Hydrated Lime
Price : Negotiable
Product code : BP900
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Also known as: Hydrated Lime, Slaked Lime.

Formula:            Ca(OH)2

Colors:               Milky White

Size:                   150 – 240 mesh

Packing:             Small bag 40kgs, Jumbo bag or packing as per customer’s requirement

Uses of Hydrated Lime:

Metallurgical Applications

Water Treatment

Bleach Manufacture

Leather  Tanning

Animal Dips

Coal Processing

Road Construction

White Washing



       The main raw material is Quick Lime lump CaO 90% Min and MgO 1.5% Max.

Hydrated Lime Life cycle


Manufacturing process chart of Hydrated Lime:

Production process:

Quick Lime in the 1st tank goes through the grinding maching to get the standard size range about 100-120 micron, is moved to the 1st silo by the conveyor bucket. The Quick lime from the 1st Silo through the weight batcher goes to the reactor. There are 3 floors of the reactor including the agitator shafts. The quick lime goes from the 3rd floor down to the 2nd then 1st floor. On the 3rd floor quick lime slakes with water being sprayed directly from the nozzle at a rate sufficient to be controlled by computer. After quick lime slakes with water on the 3rd floor it moves down to the 1st floor thanks to the driving shafts. The reaction as follows:

CaO + H2O –> Ca(OH)2 + to

This is an exothermic reaction, the slaking process of the water with quick lime is ongoing  that results in extremely high temperature in the kiln. The furnace gas aspirator parts are inserted to suck the hot air in the entire 3rd floor, then runs through an air circulation blower of the furnace gas to reduce the temperature  (After drying on the 1st floor and 2nd floor, product continues going through the cold tank).

Through the above steps hydrated lime is basically created but in raw form and particle size with some impurities (particle size at this time is 75-120 microns). All of the product goes through 3 reactor floors to the separator machine via the 3rd bucket. The separator filter separates impurities and particles that do not meet size requirements in one side and the pure hydrated lime in the other side.

The pure product after leaving the separator machine goes up the tank of the finished products via the 4th bucket for packing as per customers requirement.

In hydrated lime tank, weight batcher is equipped for packing process (depending on the requirement of customers, there are some different kinds of packing). Hydrated lime is stored/ taken out of store appropriately and in the right order.

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