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Quick Lime Lump

Product name : Quick Lime Lump
Price : Negotiable
Product code : BP896
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spec vôi cục

Also known as: Quicklime, Burnt lime, Calcium Oxide, Unslaked lime

Formula:            CaO

Colors:               Milky White

Size:                   10-70mm and as the customers required.

Packing:             Small bag 40kgs, Jumbo bag or loose into container






Quick Lime Production Process:

A) Materials:

Coal: The kiln with new ventilation system allows to use coal and coal with impurities (heat: 5400 kcal) instead of using only high quality coal as previously to reduce price. We have stable supply in Ninh Binh.
Limestone: Trucks will transport limestones from mine to factory’s warehouse. Specs: CaCO3 98%, CaO 54% min, MgO 0.8% max, without impurities.

B) Production process:

Coal will be put into the hopper by excavators after sorting. From hopper, Coal will be brought through quantitative conveyor and put into bucket conveyor and spread on the kiln.
Limestone after screening (size: 40-80mm) will be brought through bucket conveyor to kiln.
According to properties of consecutive kiln, materials move vertically from top to bottom during subsidence. Products go through DRYING – BURNING – COOLING processes. Airflow shall be blown into kiln with natural pressure difference from the bottom up through the slits materials, providing oxygen for burning process in kiln.
Reaction process in kiln:
At 20-30m, coal and limestone are heated from 200 to 300 degrees. Water and impurities are evaporated and burnt. During subsidence, materials keep going down to 10-20m, coal reacts with O2 to create burning at 1000-2000 degrees and Limestone is transformed into calcite lime. At 0-10m from the bottom of the kiln, Coal is burnt but the temperature still around 300 degrees, air is heated to provide oxygen for burning. Time of a cycle is 35 hours.
The chemical reaction during burning:

Beyond reactions above, there are many other chemical reactions during burning as SO2, NOx, MgO…
Output products shall be transported by conveyor belt, unsatisfied ones shall be classified and removed. Lime then will be put into jaw crusher and vibrating filter for classifying into right size as per custom Lastly, lime will be packed directly into bag at filter place or stored in silo as per customer request.
Because we own limestone mine with high quality, so our products reach extremely high quality. Specs: CaO 90% min, MgO max 1.5%, and other criterias meet all requirements of fastidious industry such as steel, environment treatment, metallurgy…

Test report of Quick Lime Lump:

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