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Quick Lime Powder

Product name : Quick Lime Powder
Price : Negotiable
Product code : BP898
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Also known as: Quicklime, Burnt lime, Calcium Oxide, Unslaked lime

Formula:             CaO

Colors:               Milky White

Size:                   120 – 150 mesh and as the customers required.

Packing:             Small bag 40kgs, Jumbo bag or  packing as per customer’s requirement

We are industry’s leading manufacturer of Quick Lime powder in Viet Nam. Our products are thoroughly tested for quality, purity before supply. They are processed from best quality Quick Lime in lump with latest technology and high tech machinery.

Clients feel safe with us because our Quick Lime powder has better chemical resistance, low bulk density, low moisture content and high efficiency. They last longer and you will never feel drawn back with our products.

Uses of Quick Lime Powder

• It is used in AAC block manufacturing and in Effluent treatment plant.

• It is used in the construction of road and building as enhancive.

• It is used in the paint and pigment chemical industry.

• It is used in lubricants and petroleum refinery.

• It is used in steel mill, gold mining, metallurgy, environmental protection, soil stabilization and agriculture too.

• It is used in the lubricants and petroleum refinery too.

• It is used in Effluent treatment plant and AAC blocks

• It is used as analytics and spectral analysis reagent.

• It helps in phosphor mechanism.

• It is used as auxiliary solvent, vegetable oil and carbon dioxide absorber.

• It is used in semiconductor production of denotation and diffusion process.

Production process:

A) Material
The main material is Quick Lime lump with specification: CaO 90% Min and MgO 1.5% Max.

B) Chart of Production process:

Production process
Quick lime lump after burning in the kiln will be trucked to grinding workshop and put directly into material silo. From Silo, quick lime will go on the automatic conveyor and come to grinding machine. After measuring, material is conveyed to crushing machine through two wards and rotary valve system. Feeder conveyor has metal separation system of magnetic and non-magnetic. Grinding mill reflux also goes through metal separation system of magnetic and non-magnetic before returning to grinding table. Materials are put into center of grinding table. Grinding table is driven by motor through gear box. Due to the rotation of grinding table and effect of centrifugal force, materials are spreaded out into crushing zone between reels. Due to friction and pressure of reels on grinding table, materials are broken into small pieces and fine crushing. Hot air flow to dry the materials is taken from conditioner tower or sub-kiln through wind pipe is divided into two branches. We can adjust the air flow in the grinding mill by modify the valve of the fan. After crushing, materials will move toward the gas injection. Drying airflow going through combining air nozzle and material are rolled up to dissociation part. Raw particles bump in wings of dissociation part then lose its kinetic energy, fall in bevel and return grinding chamber. Smaller particles which are appropriate in terms of size and finery are moved to and collected mostly in cyclone by airflow; the remaining are moved to and collected in electrostatic dust filter.
Quick lime powder from Cyclon of grinding mill is taken to silo by screw conveyor. Products are classified and packing up on customer requirement.

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